About Us

Transformance Mechanical Engineering (TME) is an Automotive Engineering workshop that provides clients with optimal solutions for their automotive needs. Our Springwood facility includes a vast array of equipment, meaning we have the right tools for the best possible result. As well as the usual mechanical tools, our workshop includes specialist equipment such as:

• Corner Weighting Scales
• AC/DC TIG Welder
• Hydraulic Press
• Pipe Bender
• Lathe and Mill
• All Wheel Drive Mainline Chassis Dynamometer

Having the correct equipment is one part of the automotive engineering puzzle, we also have the engineering expertise needed to utilise our equipment to its full potential and give our clients the best possible result. The Managing Director of TME is Steve Hunt, who is not only a Chartered Professional Mechanical Engineer and Mechanic, but importantly just like you, Steve is also a car guy. Steve’s passion is anything related to automotive engineering with a focus on quality, as a result, whether it be a general service, a complete motorsport build or anything in between, if you care about your vehicle, we will love working on it.
We also maintain strong relationships with our suppliers and keep stock of a large array of quality OEM and aftermarket parts, we only supply parts that we would be comfortable using in our own cars and we can even deliver them to your door. Whether it’s the perfect tune, suspension setup, fabrication of custom components, mechanical and service work, or to simply order some parts, TME offers the ultimate solution.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us - we have more parts available than the range displayed in our webstore!